UMBC Cyber Dawgs


Welcome to the UMBC Cyber Dawgs’ homepage. We are a group of UMBC students who share a common interest in computer and network security.

Next hosted event

DawgCTF 2022, April 29th - May 1st 2022. Go to

How to get involved

There are a few things you can do to get involved with the club.

  1. Join our mailing list
  2. Checkout the calendar
  3. Attend our weekly meetings
    • Meeting location for the fall semester is TBD, but please watch our mailing list for potential updates.
  4. Check out our Github

Current Board

President: Henry Budris (hbudris1 @
Vice President: Rob Shovan (rshovan1 @
Treasurer: Nithya Prakash (n64 @
Secretary: Sophia Hamer (chamer1 @
Chief Historical Officer: RJ Joyce (joyce8 @
Technical Director: Richard Baldwin (rangemaster @
Assistant Technical Director: Chris Skane (chrisk3 @
Assistant Technical Director: Nikola Bura (nbura1 @
Assistant Gumby Leader: Naomi Albert (albert10 @


We hold general meetings once a week. No prior experience is required to attend our meetings. We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about cyber security and how to start learning new skills in the field to come to our meetings.

What to expect from a meeting:

Our meetings vary in subject material week to week. If you have specific topics you would like to learn more about please email our club secretary. If you would like to present a talk or teach a new skill please email our club president.

Fall Semester Meetings

If you’re new, no worries, you can still come; talk to us to see to what extent you might need to catch yourself up. Security’s nowhere near as hard as people say, so don’t be scared away :)

This fall we will go in depth in similar topics to past years, previous topics include reverse engineering and exploitation. See our calendar below for details.

Planned Projects and Activities

Along with our normal club meetings, we also provide great opportunities for individuals who are interested in learning about and participating in cyber related competitions. Here’s what we’re doing:

However, if these are all going to come to fruition, we need your help to make it happen! We have a myriad of tasks and projects that will need to be done over the next year, so stay tuned…

Competition Finishes

National CCDC 2021: 7th place
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2021: 1st place, advanced to national CCDC
ISTS 2021: 4th place

National CCDC 2020: 5th place
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2020: 1st place, advanced to national CCDC
SANS NetWars Tournament of Champions 2020: First Timers 1st Place

DoE Cyberforce 2019: National 1st Place
Boston Marathon: Qualifier and Finisher
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2019: 5th Place
ISTS 17 (2019): 1st Place

DoE Cyberforce 2018: Brookhaven 1st place, 12th overall
CSAW Finals 2018: 10th place in US-Canada, 27th overall
CSAW Quals 2018: 10th place (undergrad, North America), 37th overall, qualified for North American finals
MACCDC 2018: 2nd Place

CSAW Finals 2017: 7th place in North America, 11th overall
CSAW Quals 2017: 9th place (undergrad, North America), 46th overall, qualified for North American finals
National CCDC 2017: 1st place
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2017: 1st place, advanced to national CCDC

CSAW 2016: 16th (undergrad, North America)
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2016: 4th place

MDC3 2015: 1st place
National CCDC 2015: 4th place
Mid Atlantic CCDC 2015: 1st place, advanced to national CCDC

Past club members: if we’re missing anything, please contact our secretary!

Mailing List

The majority of our week to week announcements are done via our mailing list. These announcements include upcoming events, weekly meeting information, and cybersecurity related information.

To join our mailing list please send an email to
umbccd-group+subscribe @ As a rule we only accept email addresses. If you do not have a email and would like to join, please contact our secretary.

CMSC 491 Active Cyber Defense class

In Fall 2018, our advisor set up a class that runs concurrently with our meetings. If you are in this class or want to know more about it, take a look at the course website here:

UMBC Liaisons

Faculty Advisor

Corporate Relations


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